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Travel Update

Ticking off my travels for the year today. Headed back to Bangkok for a 4 night stay. Going to stay at the same hotel. Will probably do a comprehensive review of the hotel once I am back. Also am excited about trying out a new airline as well. It’s Thai Airways this time. I also earn a bonus of 2,500 Thai Airways Miles as a first trip bonus.

Have a lot of stuff to cover on my 2nd leg of this trip. As I have mentioned previously, I wasn’t able to eat as much Thai food last time so I am going to go whole hog this time.

Over to my twitter feed for updates. La Gon!

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Jet Airways “Billion Miles Festival” Offer

Jet Airways is revving up the slow air travel season with a super offer. They are calling it “The Billion Miles Festival” and all JetPrivilege members stand to earn bonus JPMiles on every flight. There shall also be a lucky draw with a daily winner getting 100,000 JPMiles and an overall winner taking home a mind blowing 1,000,000 JPMiles. Live from a lounge has a great summary about the whole offer. Some basics are below.

  • 10,000, 5,000 and 1,500 JPMiles for every First Class, Premiere & Economy flight booked.
  • Eligible for booking & travel between Feb 21 to March 31, 2017.
  • Available only for booking on the Jet Airways Desktop and Mobile Sites and the App – no brainer really.

Terms and conditions for both Bonus JPMiles and Lucky Draw on Jet Airways site are here.

I wish I had the time to go for this one. I am totally occupied in March with events at home and office but I highly recommend all readers to go for it.


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Citi PremierMiles Double Points Offer

Citibank has come up with a double points offer on all fuel spends on selected Indian Oil outlets until the 31st of March. This applies to their PremierMiles card as well. The usual rules apply

  • Maximum limit of this is Rs 10,000 per calendar month, i.e. Rs 20,000 for the said period.
  • Cards should be swiped in Citibank machines.
  • Only featured few outlets are participating. Not Every IOC Outlet.
  • Bonus points shall be credited in 90 days time. As a rule, the bonus points for such offers generally come in before that time.

I highly recommend making full use of this opportunity.


My Year in Travel – 2016

As I am writing this, January is over. Not only is it over over, 8 days of February have also passed by. And before February also passes by, I wanted to write a quick post summarizing my year in Travel in 2016.

I would remember 2016 as my first year in active and serious travelling. I kicked off one of the most wanted spots off my bucket list and went to Turkey with ‘The Wife’. It was a spectacular vacation and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. It also made me realize that this might not be my ‘only’ visit to Turkey after all. The place is so beautiful and mystical that I would be going back again. And again.

I also went to Bangkok for a 4 night trip and was positively surprised by the vibe of the city. I had a totally different impression and I am glad to say that I was proven wrong. It was part business and and part vacation so I had ample amount to roam around and get a feel of  the world’s 4th most visited city.I could not eat as much Thai food as I wanted to and I have a backlog of ‘things to do’ ready when I go next. I really want to take ‘The Wife’ to BKK.

While I was planning my next vacation post Bangkok, another opportunity to travel came in the form of a trip to Munich for a conference. I also visited Salzburg during my time in Munich, a small picturesque city located on the Austria-Germany border. The train ride from Munich to Salzburg was like poetry in motion and also a dream come true for me. If you are visiting Europe, make sure to travel by trains.

That’s basically it. I did travel to Goa later in the year as part of a company offsite but it was my 4th time to Goa – plus it does not count as it’s not an international vacation.

Some travel learnings of 2016

  • Never prejudge a place based on what people say
  • Leave at least a day free to explore even if you are booking a holiday package
  • Try out new stuff – food wise, culture wise, every wise

To more travelling in 2017!